Specializing in all aspects of gastroenterology, DCM’s providers and staff understand the importance of treating the whole person.

At DCM, we know the importance of listening attentively to each individual in order to deliver the best care. Asking the most appropriate questions in a non-threatening and non-judgmental manner helps the provider approach the best course of action and plan for each person. Every effort is made to obtain medical records to provide the complete and accurate previous work-up, reviewing past diagnoses and test results. This not only benefits the patient by not duplicating unnecessary tests but also helps hold down the cost of health care.

Rebekah Corey, family nurse practitioner and facility director, has a strong belief in the nursing model-of-care; providing patient education, thoroughly discussing diagnoses and results to the patients’ understanding, and providing support and encouragement to achieve lifestyle modifications serves as the basis for all individuals seen in our office.

Dr. Corey has advanced her nursing degree to the highest level, doctor of nursing practice (DNP) to provide the best care and at the same time limiting unnecessary tests and procedures. Collaboration with many gastroenterologists in Chattanooga and surrounding areas provides access for endoscopies when needed, while the continued monitoring and management will be followed closely by the providers and staff at DCM. Fortunately, most endoscopies are essentially negative for any serious findings, and do not explain the symptoms and problems experienced by the patient. Therefore, the continued evaluation is very important to discover how to improve the patient’s quality of life. Many times these symptoms are known collectively as “functional GI disorders” and it takes time and understanding from the patient and provider to develop treatment plans and set realistic goals. We treat symptoms associated with various GI issues including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohns Disease and Hepatitis C.

DCM has the advantage of being closely connected with ClinSearch, a medical research company founded by Richard A. Krause, MD, which can provide insight and hope about the most current research in the medical industry. Dr. Corey is well known in the field of gastroenterology and has access to experts in the sub-specialties of GI for peer consultations and referrals. As an independent GI nurse practitioner, the available options and opportunities for patients are vast. Visit our beautiful office, conveniently located inside ClinSearch on Shallowford Road, and find out for yourself why patients become our best referral source.